Wednesday, December 17, 2008

weary wednesday

weary - Pronunciation: \ˈwir-ē\ Function: adjective
1 : exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness
2 : expressing or characteristic of weariness
3 : having one's patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted —used with of
(as in i'm getting weary of our his kids)

not that i would ever say that ;)

yep, that about sums up my feelings for today.

here are a couple of pics for you to peruse. i must give credit where credit is due, my step-dad took the original river scene pic. i just turned it into a painting :)

tttthat's all folks!


  1. Tell me you get to go white water rafting? My rivers never flow that fast, maybe level 2 rapids in the spring, but never a 3! O' Like the painting too, i wish i had half that talent.

  2. U are a good mama!! U do have patience and tolerance...and I will give credit where credit is due!! I love u sis! And that watercolor painting is a b s o l u t e l y amazing!!! (Ive seen it b4 and still love it now!!!)

  3. O M G!!! Okay so this is just getting too my password verification thingy today was SISSHORTI....HAHAHAHAHAHA sis shorty!!!!! hahahahaha!!! Oh, sorry, I wasn't laughing at you...I was laughing WITH u!! ;)

  4. sisshorti sounds like the snizzle dizzle kind of talk that snoop dog does and thank you, it has taken me a while to gain patience and i still don't have much of it :)

    nLsM - to be honest i dont remember where tom took that pic, but i assume it was somewhere down the bluff in the gulf. you can't go rafting on it because it's too small and normally lower than that shot. i would think that was after a big rain.

    we can go white water rafting on the ocoee (sp?) river. it's mostly a 3 & some 4. and only an hour away or so. me and sis have been there once. it's not very cheap though so we just go swimming/floating on a small river nearby

    i can't even take credit for the painting really. i think that was from my photo impact class, but it's just a matter of adjusting a setting until it looks the way you want.

  5. Shannon I love that picture of the water. I am so proud of him taking that. I wish we could go rafting there too but I think thosebig boulders keep cropping up and would end the trip about every 10 ft. I love the queen's Annes lace with the red background that is genius. Love momma

  6. wM - yes mam! um, does that mean you are volunteering for g-kid duty (overnight tonight and all day tomorrow) or for laundry detail?

    momma - yep, just imagine what kind of pics he could take if he would just go to that class me...

  7. Whoa... I am seriously impressed!

  8. terri - thank you, thank you *blushing*


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