Thursday, December 18, 2008

things we used to do thursday

i'm sure y'all have all read the email about how we did stuff when we were younger that wouldn't be prudent now-a-days. such as ridin' around in the back of a pick up, riding bikes with no helmets, etc...

well, here is something that i think my great-grandparents would probably have been arrested for if it had been done now instead of some 80 odd years ago:

no, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is actually a baby tied up in a tree. the funny thing is, she liked it! although, she must have been a little bit upset about her baby falling out to the ground. maybe they should have tied the doll to a branch above my granny. i know! they could have tied a bottle to another branch and a pacifier (did they even have those back then?) to another branch, and then they wouldn't have to do anything for the kid.

well, at least not until a strong wind came along...


  1. That is TOO funny! Yeah, child protection services would be all over that today.

    My grandpa used to give my mom a shot of whiskey when she was sick. Like Nyquil... only stronger!

  2. wM - ;)

    terri - that didn't work for me. i remember the last time my mom tried to get me to drink nyquil. i sat at the kitchen bar starting at it for TWO HOURS trying to get up the gumption to choke it down! lol

  3. That is the sweetest thing ever :)

  4. thanks travel writer. oh, i checked out your site and as a courtesy to you, i am offering my services as your travel assistant. just give me a heads up on where we are headed to next, and i'll convince the hubby that he can handle the g-kid for a little while (what's my salary, btw?)

    thanks Mrs4444!

  5. Oh my gosh.. that is so funny!!

  6. Wait... isn't that just a primitive jolly jumper?

  7. thanks kel and welcome to my blog :)

    sciFi- now that just makes me wonder if they had bungy cord material back then

  8. Now that is funny! And she looks super comfy!


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