Sunday, December 21, 2008

sexy sick sunday

well i was going to post about my adventures with the chippendales last night, but instead i've been sick all day. so, y'all will have to wait for the 411 on the hard bodies (and pics too, of course)

i just wanted to tell everybody about my bff, megan, who just started her own blog. she used to live upstairs from weaselMomma but she has since relocated to sunny florida. she's a smart (obviously from her choices in friends), funny, mom, wife, school teacher, and the best friend you could ever ask for :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope your feeling better soon and can get those pics posted SOON! ;-)

    p.s. I emailed the password again. Not sure why you didn't get it the first time, but let me know if you don't get it this morning.

  2. yeah,yeah,yeah - i'm great and all that crap - but I wanna hear about the show! I haven't been since cathy and kathy and I went with my fake ID - and we both know how long ago that was!!!

  3. ok, ok i'm working on it lol

    unfortunately, i have no water in my house today so i gotta figure that out and THEN i will post my chippy adventures

    i'll check my email now, terri


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