Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wake up!! wednesday

so this is my hubby trying to stay up til the ball drops.

he made it til, ohh, maybe 10pm

ha! i guess that's what i get for marrying an old fart hehe (i love him anywayS)

oh, wait...he's waking up...

nope. false alarm. he was just getting more comfy:

i know. i have no shame. glad he has no interest in reading my blog :)

Happy New Year!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

too short tuesday

this is just a quickie, cuz i'm still catching up on reading all my blogs i missed (i thought i told y'all to save those posts till i was back in commission!) so i'm doing the 4th folder 4th pic meme:

all you chicagoans will recognize this, but for all the rest of y'all this is called "cloud gate" because you can see the reflection of the clouds in it or something like that, but everybody just calls it "the bean". i guess it's supposed to be some big deal because however the dude made it, it doesn't have any seams showing. anyways* there it is, and it is pretty cool to see the skyline's reflection in it at night. you can go here if you would like a real description of this sculpture.

p.s. i must confess. i haven't been injured the whole time. i have been slacking and playing with my new IPOD NANO that i got from my grand-baby daddy** (don't ask me why but he bought me and hubby both one. hell yeah!

i have about 700 pics and a whole bunch of songs on it and it's not even half full!

p.p.s. - this is turning into a not so short post, but can somebody PLEASE explain to me what the heck a podcast is?? i don't know if i was just too brain dead when i googled it or what, but nothing made sense.

~~~copy micro copying literalDan section~~~
*my lil sis says 'anyways' isn't a word, i say, pshaw***!
**notice the hip, non-possessive use of baby daddy
*** she'll prob say 'pshaw' ain't*** a word either
****ain't is in the dictionary, look it up (i know, my teachers didn't like that line either)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

show and tell sunday

since i'm such a slacker and didn't decorate or bake or anything else that all of you super moms did, i figured i would just show you my mom's beautiful decorations (well a little of them, this would be a novel if i showed all of them)

some wonderful yummies:

and the piece d'resistance:

i LOVED the ornaments hung from the ceiling over the fireplace. it was simply gorgeous! and yes, those are stockings for her children the youngest is 26 y/o. i love that we still get to "see what santa brought us" lol

i tried to place on limit on the number of presents (10) my mom was allowed to buy for us, but it didn't work too well. i think we all ended up with at least 15-20 each. here is the aftermath:

a couple of funny t-shirts:

i think this one won the funniest and most dead-on award:

gotta keep this short so my leg doesn't start hurting again. more later...

Friday, December 26, 2008


ok, so i just couldn't come up with a title that started with an f that would work. sue me. i will be taking an undetermined length of absence from the puter. i've got a sciatic nerve that is screaming all the way down my left leg and sitting at the puter is NOT helping matters. i will eventually post about our christmas and read everybody else's when i can figure out how to make the pain stop.

i know. you're distraught and heartbroken and won't know what to do without me. just don't do anything drastic.

you could go thru my blog roll and check out all the fantastic peeps i follow, or use this time to catch up on my older posts if you just joined me.

i know. it's ok. don't cry. i'll be back soon i'm sure. really stop that crying. you're getting tears and snot all over your keyboard!

until next time, c-ya!

(oh, and to all of my followees: you could just save all those posts your thinking of writing until i come back. i'd hate to get behind or *gasp* miss something!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

too flippin' early thursday!!!!!!

i loved my step-son jonathan.

i really did.

i didn't want to kill him.

i was so happy he got to come home on leave.

i think i went temporarily insane.

how can anybody be expected to be sane


do you think i'll be acquitted?

i'm sure it falls under "a crime of passion"

i'm verrrry passionate about my sleep.

damn his deep, loud, booming, voice.

in the words of Frickin' A,

the tree. the gifts. the mistletoe kiss.
shoot. me now. i'm sick of all my relatives.
have merry merry merry frickin' christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

weird wednesday

i'm not sure if i'm the weirdo or Mrs. 4444 is, but her rules for receiving an award are that the giver has to photo/film themselves doing stupid human tricks. lol that'll be the last time i give her an award! i only have one stupid trick in my repertoire, so without further ado, here it is:

that's it folks! off to the mountain for christmas with mom.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tweaked tuesday

this is gonna be a quickie, no not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter!

just a pic i tweaked a little to increase hubby and mine's natural endowments:
(oh and i guess we are aliens too)

i know. i know. childish and immature. but ya gotta admit, it's freaking funny! lol


Monday, December 22, 2008

men, men, yummy men, monday

here it is...the CHIPPENDALE post. woohoooo! *applause, wild cheering*

as some of you know, this was my first experience with a strip show and i must say it was very, um, entertaining and enlightening, to say the least. i enjoyed watching the men (duh) but even more entertaining, was watching the women going crazy.

i spent awhile trying to figure out why busyDad was hosting the show, when i know he is so busy right now, that i know there is no way he could take a trip to tennessee. i finally realised that it just couldn't possibly be him, but i had to try to get a pic of him to show y'all.*

ok, i know, it doesn't even look like him and this guy was actually hawaiian, but it was fun imaging busyDad as a chippendale anyways.

on with the show...

i paid $20 bucks for my step-daughter jamie to get a lap dance, and all she got was happy birthday sung to her. i was not happy about this at all! all these other chicks that paid money for lap dances had at LEAST 2 sometimes as many as 5 almost naked guys dancing and rubbing on them. there was even an 86 year old woman that went up there that got more of a lap dance than jamie did. i spoke to the owner later and he "made it up to us" with a deck of chippendales playing cards and a discount on a t-shirt for jamie. i still wasn't happy, but c'est la vie. here is her "lap dance":

now, i know, y'all are saying "screw this, show me some skin!" so here it is:

and some more :)

yes, we were that close! we could reach out and touch them if we so desired (and of course we did). we got to have our pictures taken with all of the chippers after the show was over...for a small fee of course:

and i even got daring and had my boobie signed by one of the hotties:

after the show, the guys mingled with everybody until closing. it was pretty cool to just stand around talking with these guys. every now and then i would think "holy crap! i'm talking to A CHIPPENDALE!" and then i would snap out of my star struck thoughts and re-join the conversation. being happily married, i was not on the hunt, but one of them told me that he thought i was cute and he would be happy to (adult content) until i couldn't walk! they all seemed to like jamie (especially her hat, gotta get me one of those!) and she had one guy in particular that seemed to be interested in her** and he followed us around all night.

the only thing, other than the flimsy excuse for a lap dance, that disappointed me was the fact that even though i was the designated driver and therefore did not drink, i was the one throwing up later! totally unfair! we stayed till last call and got home about 4 am. i was so keyed up that i couldn't sleep and then when i tried to sleep, the vomiting began. yuck! but i am fine today after about 12 hours of sleep, so it's all good.

all in all we had a fun time, laughed quite a bit, screamed and yelled quite a bit, and got to touch and smell (they smelled sooo yummy) a lot of hard bodies. if you haven't gone to see a show like this, i recommend it, at least once, just to see what all the fuss is about :)

~~~~~~copying microBLOGologist copying literal dan section~~~~~~
*picture taking was not allowed and although i didn't let it stop me, it was very hard to get good photos on the down low
**yes, we both realise that they are probably "interested" in anyone that they think they have a possibility of getting some from, before they move on to the next show.

me, charming? monday

ok, i know that i cheated on my title a little, but like morethananelectrician says my list. my rules. i know some of y'all are expecting this to be my chippendale post, but first i have to tell you about an AWARD that I WON. (wooohoo!) my buddy the microblogologist (got it right, that time!) has chosen lowly little me for this award:

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

here are my choices to receive this award:

  1. Mrs. 4444
  2. Nature Lovin' Super Momma
  3. Heinous
  4. Seashore Subjects (i know, she just started, but my list. my rules.)
  5. terri
  6. Micki
  7. Unmarried Housewife
  8. Michelle W

now all of you lucky recipients, follow the instructions and share the love (award) with 8 deserving folks

Sunday, December 21, 2008

sexy sick sunday

well i was going to post about my adventures with the chippendales last night, but instead i've been sick all day. so, y'all will have to wait for the 411 on the hard bodies (and pics too, of course)

i just wanted to tell everybody about my bff, megan, who just started her own blog. she used to live upstairs from weaselMomma but she has since relocated to sunny florida. she's a smart (obviously from her choices in friends), funny, mom, wife, school teacher, and the best friend you could ever ask for :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

slip-n-slide saturday, redneck style

this is one of the things we do in the summer time:

(sorry bout crappy quality-my choices were good vision-no sound
or bad vision w/sound)

he absolutely loved it! when i wasn't filming him, i would start beside him, then when he slowed down, i would grab his ankle and pull him on down with me. we all had a blast sliding down our little hill.

i eventually got a real slip-n-slide with the little pool at the end. after we got done sliding, i was reading the warning lable on the slip-n-slide. we managed to break every rule.
1. no one over 12 - smashed
2. no hills - how do they expect you to go fast like that??
3. no more than 1 person at a time - don't they know you can't do a train slide w/only 1 person??
4. no one over ___lbs - i don't remember the weight limit, but we i exceeded it quite a bit.

i'm sure there were more rules, but i don't remember them now. i do know why the age limit is there. do you remember how much fun it is to slide on those things?? well, it's not so much fun the next day when you're grown. jamie & i had bruises all up and down our bods.

i will have to seriously weigh the future pain against current fun and see which one wins out next time.

Friday, December 19, 2008

fragmented friday

yeah, i know, not very original. blame it on the g-kid. my brain is not functioning and will take forever to recover from the 7:30 wake up call today. i'm such a crabby ass. poor g-kid he totally understands me too. after an hour or so he asks me if i'm feeling happy yet.

no. not yet. wanna go see granny and grampa? (in-laws across the road-thank god!) yes? cool let's call.

no answer. damn. more coffee.

yeah! they are home, lets go!

peace. ahhh maybe he'll stay till lunch time and then it will be nap time
this seems strange to me. the g-kid has known and understood the concept of counting for a long time (he's 3) i mean like for over a year he has been looking at something and saying there's 3 doggies or whatever, but has never been able to tell me which number was which using flashcards or plastic numbers. i tried just last week and he didn't know any of his numbers. this morning he picks up his plastic number two and says here's a 2! it's like somebody in his little brain just flipped a switch and said "ok, you know this now" he proceded to find all the numbers 1-9. instant knowledge.
me & g-kid made some jello no bake peanut butter & chocolate something. i don't know what it was called but it had oreo cookies crust, peanut butter filling, and chocolate topping. YUM. g-kid and nonna heaven!

sorry bout the crappy cell phone pic (oh, and pretend the counters are completely empty of any dirty dishes)
i'm going to sis's office's xmas party tomorrow night at a nice restaurant (score! free food!) and then after that me & jamie (step-daughter) are going to the CHIPPENDALE'S SHOW in cookeville.

we have tickets for the up-close, in your face, smack some booty seats. i gotta get me a bunch of dollar bills. can't wait. this will be a first for me, i've never seen a strip show before. mmmmm

Thursday, December 18, 2008

things we used to do thursday

i'm sure y'all have all read the email about how we did stuff when we were younger that wouldn't be prudent now-a-days. such as ridin' around in the back of a pick up, riding bikes with no helmets, etc...

well, here is something that i think my great-grandparents would probably have been arrested for if it had been done now instead of some 80 odd years ago:

no, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is actually a baby tied up in a tree. the funny thing is, she liked it! although, she must have been a little bit upset about her baby falling out to the ground. maybe they should have tied the doll to a branch above my granny. i know! they could have tied a bottle to another branch and a pacifier (did they even have those back then?) to another branch, and then they wouldn't have to do anything for the kid.

well, at least not until a strong wind came along...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

weary wednesday

weary - Pronunciation: \ˈwir-ē\ Function: adjective
1 : exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness
2 : expressing or characteristic of weariness
3 : having one's patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted —used with of
(as in i'm getting weary of our his kids)

not that i would ever say that ;)

yep, that about sums up my feelings for today.

here are a couple of pics for you to peruse. i must give credit where credit is due, my step-dad took the original river scene pic. i just turned it into a painting :)

tttthat's all folks!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

trippy tuesday

not that i've ever had a trippy any day, but it sounded good. here is a photoshopped pic i took of some Queen Anne's Lace (otherwise known as a freaking weed, but we like them)

and here it is in the unadulterated version:

and here is a shot of the top of one, so you can see what they look like to most normal people (that being the people who don't look at the underneath and have micro mania)

that's it folks. i might come up with something later tonight. my creative juices have been dried up by having to get up too early today. 8am phone call woke me up. i'm thinking about getting rid of all phones in the house. of course, then people might actually come over instead of just calling. nah, i'll keep the phone. at least i can screen ppl that way and pretend i'm not home. kindof hard to do that if they show up on my doorstep.

Monday, December 15, 2008

me lead, you follow monday

i have decided that, after reading all the new posts and after leaving my long-winded comments, i have done enough posting for today. and i also think some of those comments were kindof funny. at least a little. to me...

so your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow me through my readings and comments today. now, if i was really organized i would be able to tell you in what order i did all of these, but i'm not, so they aren't either. organized that is. i did try though. did that make sense? oh, well...moving on.

first stop:
half-past kissin' time where i left these words of wisdom:

cooking tip-don't assume that all oven eyes(is that how those are spelled??)are off.

also don't assume that it's ok to set a ginormous glass casserole dish of dressing on that eye that is assumed to be off.

and finally, don't feed the dressing and the cream corn (that was on the stove next to the eye you assumed was off) to the dogs after the dressing dish explodes all over both.

unless, they are the neighbor dogs that attack and kill your dogs. then it might be ok.

then i linked from Mrs. 4444 over to her sis at
second chances and tried to cheer her up after her surgery:

i had my galbladder taken out through my belly button. i thought it was cool, but then i realised they changed the shape of it.

i guess i was attached to it the was it was. i was not happy with a new design. i think my surgeon needed sewing lessons :)

hope you feel better soon :)

next up:
whiskey in my sippy cup where i said this:

Not that i didn’t enjoy your storytelling to the fullest, but i just can keep repeating (in my head of course-i don’t talk out loud to myself…much) what sci fi dad said.

“And just like that, your son is no longer welcome around my daughter.”

lol, that is hilarious and i think typical of most fathers regarding their daughters (at least the first go round)

and this...

uggh! why can’t we edit our comments after we write them?!? i too hate typos that you can’t fix
see above - i just can keep = i just CAN’T keep FROM (i just added this correction)

then off to
literal Dan for some smart alek-ism:

and this is why i am glad the hubby doesn't seem the least bit interested in what i am reading or writing all day long.this also makes me regret teaching him how to surf the net, just in case he does get interested in what i am doing.

then i try to read the next episode of
Rude Awakening at terri terri's and find out i need a password cuz she's gonna have some racy stuff coming up...woohoo! so i ask, ever so nicely for my password here:

haha, i just realised that is a great way to make the lurkers come out of the woodwork! lol

i also realized how many braindam…. er… craz… um… sick f…. no that’s not it either….freaking weirdos - yeah that’s it! - everybody from morethananelectrician and up are all a bunch of weirdos to be up that dang early in the morning begging for a password.

now….can i have mine please?

are y'all tired yet? i am. but this next one will wake you right up. now we are off to heinous' place to check out the lastest on the psycho neighbors. here is my take on this great post:

so much to comment on! i LOVE your dick & jane episodes. that is now the highlight of my reading, so keep them coming!we had a bad neighbor when i was a kid. she was this mean german woman who must have waited by her window that was less than 10' from where we kept our garbage cans.

we called her "the nazi". every time we would take out the garbage to the cans or take the cans in and out from the road, she would scream at us saying, "i see what you're doing! you're doing that on purpose! stop making all that noise!".

and even though we were terrified of her, it never failed to make us slam and rattle those cans as loud as possible. hey, if you're gonna get blamed for it anyways....

oh! when is the field trip? can y'all take a bus up from texas and swing by tennessee? i'll bring some jack - straight from the brewery...

finally, the last stop is over at
being michael's daddy where i manage to compliment, nag, and insult all in one breathe:

purdy lights :) my cat does that too. i built her a great little condo out in the 'baccy(that's tobacco for you yanks) barn. nice and warm and cozy...nope she'd rather sit in the wind and cold and stare inside at us.

we wave :)

and stop complaining - at least you have snow to play in!

oh, and haha it's supposed to be 56 or so today here :p~~~

now, i just realised i need to go check out sciFi dad's page. he has left some funny comments around "town". dang. my blogroll is like a pyramid scheme or something. i will never have time to read, comment, and write at this rate. i'm gonna have to set up a points system and start voting ppl off the island or something :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

sad sack sunday

well i had this great idea for a blog today.

then i had to go play darts.

then i got beat.

then my creativeness got beat.

i will have to regroup.

'sides, can't spoil you with a real post everday

Saturday, December 13, 2008

sunrise saturday

this was christmas morning last year. and no, i didn't get up early enough to catch a sunrise, but i did stay up late enough to see one :)

heck that is 'bout the only way i will ever see a sunrise, unless, there is something like horseback riding or playing in the snow for added incentive. then i might consider getting up that early.

more likely, i would be scheming to see how we could do the activity later in the day

Friday, December 12, 2008

beat this one bad momma :)

just wanted to top bad momma on the low gas price pic :-)

see i told y'all i was competitive

oh, this is at the kroger's in cookeville, tn but you have to swipe your kroger card for this price. regularly 1.42 without card

...that still counts doesn't it??

frosty friday (aka: do we ever grow up? aka: thoughtless thursday)

oops! i was waiting for midnight to get here so i could post friday's on friday, but i guess i forgot about thursday. thus the addition to the, getting to be rather long, title. oh well, i'll get over it. how about you? if not, you have worse issues than my title. or my memory for that matter :)

so we got the first actual accumulation of a very wet snow :) tonight.

the bad news...

1) no g-kid. the prisoner exchange* was early, so he can't come out 'n play in it with me :-(

2) it's supposed to be 40 degrees tomorrow & more than likely, i won't be up before it's all melted

3) it's nighttime now which means of course that it's dark...

and cold...

and wet...

and windy out...

4) that takes a lot of prep work to get ready to go play in the snow..and then there's the wet clothes to deal with afterward

so this is where the, ahem, 37 y/o (sshhh) adult (who me?) should kick in and say, "stay inside and stay warm"..right?? right?


the good news...

1) i even took some proof**:

and don't be laughing at my hat thingy***. it's what i store all my gloves in during the summer so it's stretched out and all marge simpson looking.

2) i was warm, so there :p~~~

3) if it doesn't melt before i drag my butt out of bed tomorrow, i'll try to rig up a video of me going down a hill, but don't hold your breathe...that's a big but(t).

4) so, i guess, at least in my case, "No, i don't think i'll ever grow up".

~~copying micro copying Ldan(old 1-I)~~

*hubby's name for the g-kid's parental unit swap

**see i'm fair. i will use my own horrible pic to get a laugh. i'm a slave, what can i say :)

***i just remembered, it's a toboggan

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

where i'd like to be...wednesday

either here:

or here:

how can one person have such totally opposite desires? i think i must be bi-polar... get it? i want to go towards the north pole and the south pole :) i know, its lame and you shouldn't have to explain your joke if it's a good one..

oh, and i am def blonde today (and not just my hair color). i was getting ready to go pick up the g-kid from school and my sis called.

i was right on time, getting close to running late so i was in that kindof panic-y (yeah i made up that word) rushing mode, ya know? so, i tell her to call me on my cell so i can leave. she does, we talk. i get to the end of the road i am on and just start cussing myself. she's all like, "what's wrong??".

"oh, nothing. this idiot (that would be ME) just decided to drive to my old job (my 3 years old, in the past, job) instead of going to the school! such a space cadet!", so i bust a u-y (made that one up too) and head on my way back to where i started from.

sheesh, now i really am late!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

two cuties tuesday

my neice and nephew had a photo shoot for the company that my little brother worked for. yes, i said worked, guess nobody wants to spend money on embroidered shirts and such when the economy is down the tubes. so anyways, they used them to model some clothes for their catalog or whatever. they are sooo cute, you just want to eat 'em up! so instead of going all hannibal lecter on you, i thought i would just share the pics:

oh! and i now have more friends than family followers! woohooo. that's gotta be a good thing don't you think??

Monday, December 8, 2008

new (to me) blogger to check out

i left a very true embarassing comment on mr. lady's blog the other day and micki voted for me to win mr. lady's perfume contest. so of course i had to go check out this smart, wise, wonderful person who knows i am the best should win the contest. she is having her own contest promoting an artist, Marie Natale so i thought i would let my numerous four followers know about it. so go check out her blog and the artist's website, and maybe you had better not will win.

morphed out monday

first, i'm actually gonna post something funny that happened to me recently. i just got my hair highlighted and trimmed the other day. hubby of course didn't notice until i pointed it out to him. a little while later we were standing outside freezing our butts off, smoking cigarettes, and he tells me i really like that color. you look like Lassie. in case you are wondering, this was actually supposed to be a compliment. i asked him (very indignantly) what the heck is that supposed to mean?!? bless his heart, he said, i just meant that it is multi-colored, you know like lassie's coat. i LIKE it, really. i just sighed and thought to myself, well, at least he tried.

ok, now for some morphing magical fun. this is a pic of my lil sis that i took several years ago named joker norene:

it's creepy, isn't it?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

screwed up sunday

my step-daughter will FREAK if she ever sees this, but i couldn't resist. this is what happens when you take hair-coloring into your own hands. needless to say, her mom took her the next day for an emergency hair color correction.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

sad face saturday

ok, i have soooo many pics that i totally can't wait until next friday. so i have decided to just post one for every day of the week : )

the story behind this pic is that me and my lil sis love to try to make my mom cry by giving her a mushy card or a really special present. all of my mom's kids (5) are grown and she is experiencing a major case of empty nest syndrome. so for mother's day i decided to photoshop a pic of all 5 kids together since she wouldn't actually be able to see us all. at that time 2 were living in florida, 1 was in alabama, 1 was in colorado, and 1 was in tennessee (that would be me). this was her reaction to seeing the photo, which of course she didn't quite understand. she wanted to know how i got everybody together so i had to explain that it was "doctored" just for her. here is the pic that she is holding:

there you go MOM. there is a pic of YOU on my blog! (she doesn't get that my family is my hubby and kids now and that ppl don't usually blog about their parents most of the time)

Friday, December 5, 2008

funny face friday

i am hoping to make this a regular weekly thing. of course, that depends on whether or not i remember to do it and more importantly if i can remember what day it is. i would say getting old is tough, but i don't really even have that excuse (37 isn't old, is it?). maybe it's the fibromyalgia or maybe i have just killed too many brain cells, but the memory department is definitely out to lunch :-)

Monday, December 1, 2008

is it plagiarism to steal somebody else's blog ideas?

taking a page from literalDan's blog here is a typical conversation with james, my 3 y/o grandson:

james: nonna i gotta go potty tuz* my peepee is hurting (of course in the middle of lunch)

me: ok, let's go potty.

james: (sitting on the pot for like 3 seconds) i'm done nonna.

me: ok, get some toilet paper and wipe off (he has given up shaking off for wiping).

james: i dink i need to go poopy.

me: ok (do i really need to give him permission for act 2??)

james: (in an injured voice) nonna doze poopies don't want to tome out! out poopy out! (speaking to the poopies, not me)

me: uh oh, well just keep trying (am i gonna make the kid have hemorrhoids??)

james: i'm done nonna. doze poopies still won't tome out!

me: that's ok, i'm sure they will later

intermission for 1st snow of the season:

james catching snow flakes on his tongue. they're there really. see above pic :)

so after our 2 minutes of snow fall we go back inside for his nap. as i am talking on the phone to my sis he comes out of his room and informs me that he has to go poopy. now. again.

james: (very excited and proud voice) doze poopies are coming out now! one of dem just did!

me: yeah (in an appropriately excited voice).

so he sits on the toilet for awhile talking to himself (i thought) when i catch him saying something to me about running and his nap.

me: were you running in your sleep?

james: nooo, there was doggies running, and ....(mumbling so i can't hear) and dat's what made a noise and it was my poopies wanting to tome out!

me: (distracted by reading literalDan posts)mmm hmmm, that's good. are they all out yet? (meaning hurry up so i can wipe your butt, put you back to bed, and go post this thrilling conversation before i forget it all)

james: no not yet. (in a kindof strained voice) dere.. is... some more... poopies. my belly is hurting.

me: is it from those poopies that are still in there?

james: no. i dink its tuz i'm hungry (yes, i fed him lunch, and he ate it all, and a chocolate oatmeal cookie)

me: well, if you're tummy is still hungry after your nap you can get something else to eat.

silence (obviously not happy with me for not bringing him more food while he is pooping)

james: i'm all done now nonna. i dot all doze poopies out of me! and my peepee doesn't hurt anymore!

now what correlation poopy and a painfull peepee have, i'm not sure, since i don't have that equipment. maybe one of you Domestic Engineering Dads could help me out with that one :)

*james speak translations: tuz=beacause, doze=those, tome=come, dem=them, dink=think, dot=got