Monday, December 22, 2008

men, men, yummy men, monday

here it is...the CHIPPENDALE post. woohoooo! *applause, wild cheering*

as some of you know, this was my first experience with a strip show and i must say it was very, um, entertaining and enlightening, to say the least. i enjoyed watching the men (duh) but even more entertaining, was watching the women going crazy.

i spent awhile trying to figure out why busyDad was hosting the show, when i know he is so busy right now, that i know there is no way he could take a trip to tennessee. i finally realised that it just couldn't possibly be him, but i had to try to get a pic of him to show y'all.*

ok, i know, it doesn't even look like him and this guy was actually hawaiian, but it was fun imaging busyDad as a chippendale anyways.

on with the show...

i paid $20 bucks for my step-daughter jamie to get a lap dance, and all she got was happy birthday sung to her. i was not happy about this at all! all these other chicks that paid money for lap dances had at LEAST 2 sometimes as many as 5 almost naked guys dancing and rubbing on them. there was even an 86 year old woman that went up there that got more of a lap dance than jamie did. i spoke to the owner later and he "made it up to us" with a deck of chippendales playing cards and a discount on a t-shirt for jamie. i still wasn't happy, but c'est la vie. here is her "lap dance":

now, i know, y'all are saying "screw this, show me some skin!" so here it is:

and some more :)

yes, we were that close! we could reach out and touch them if we so desired (and of course we did). we got to have our pictures taken with all of the chippers after the show was over...for a small fee of course:

and i even got daring and had my boobie signed by one of the hotties:

after the show, the guys mingled with everybody until closing. it was pretty cool to just stand around talking with these guys. every now and then i would think "holy crap! i'm talking to A CHIPPENDALE!" and then i would snap out of my star struck thoughts and re-join the conversation. being happily married, i was not on the hunt, but one of them told me that he thought i was cute and he would be happy to (adult content) until i couldn't walk! they all seemed to like jamie (especially her hat, gotta get me one of those!) and she had one guy in particular that seemed to be interested in her** and he followed us around all night.

the only thing, other than the flimsy excuse for a lap dance, that disappointed me was the fact that even though i was the designated driver and therefore did not drink, i was the one throwing up later! totally unfair! we stayed till last call and got home about 4 am. i was so keyed up that i couldn't sleep and then when i tried to sleep, the vomiting began. yuck! but i am fine today after about 12 hours of sleep, so it's all good.

all in all we had a fun time, laughed quite a bit, screamed and yelled quite a bit, and got to touch and smell (they smelled sooo yummy) a lot of hard bodies. if you haven't gone to see a show like this, i recommend it, at least once, just to see what all the fuss is about :)

~~~~~~copying microBLOGologist copying literal dan section~~~~~~
*picture taking was not allowed and although i didn't let it stop me, it was very hard to get good photos on the down low
**yes, we both realise that they are probably "interested" in anyone that they think they have a possibility of getting some from, before they move on to the next show.


  1. Hahaha! That's the best picture of me you'll ever get. I'm waaaay hotter imaginary.

  2. mmmm, tasty! I am jealous, I have always wanted to do something like that! :)

  3. ha! i knew i would be able to tempt you over to my blog with that comment busyDad! hahaha

    nLsM - stop dreaming and just do it! you gotta get out of BFE every now and then for supplies i know. look 'em up online and see if they are coming your way anytime soon. i think the tickets were only 15 bucks. maybe you can ask mt. man for some tickets for your next bday or something ;)

  4. That sucks that you ended up sick! At least it wasn't a hangover kind of sick. Cuz then you know you wouldn't feel better even after 12 hours.

    Looks like a great time!

  5. it was fun and at least i waited til after we got home to be sick :)

  6. You wore the top I got you. I'm so thrilled. You definitely had cleavage. I'm glad since you sucked me dry and left me with these pancakes that you are flaunting yours.

  7. well, seeing as how i'm only 1 of 5 kids, i don't think you can blame your saggy, deflated boobs on just me :p~~~~~

    sides, i'm sure with my lack of appetite i did the least damage hahaha

  8. You doooo love milk!! Maybe it stems from your early days of sucking mom dry! Man, save some for me. LOL!!

  9. I agree; everyone should go to at least one show, just for the "cultural" experience of it all. That said, I had a traumatic experience one birthday, when my "friends" pitched in and hired a stripper to come to the house. I'm nauseous just thinking about it; ick!

    Glad you had fun, and I love the group pic; Jamie looked like she got in the spirit of it all! :)

  10. oh you so have to blog about that stripper at your house. if you have already, tell me when/where so i can go read it! jamie really got into it ;)

  11. I bet Hubby loved his wife and daughter going to such a show, hehehehe!!!!!

  12. my hubby is the greatest-well at least as far as not having a jealous bone in his body. he is also VERY non-confrontational (to the point of annoying me sometimes) so even if he didn't like me going he wouldn't fight about it :)

    but, really, neither of us have trust issues and either can do whatever we want w/out having to "ask permission". which is a good thing cuz i would never ask permission from a hubby/boyfriend. he's not my boss :)

    heck, hubby was with me both times i went to talladega and i got LOTS of beads (if you don't know how you get beads @ talladega then you need to get out more) while he was sitting there watching! lol


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