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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hellooo out there


is there anybody out (echo dontcha know)


anyone, anyone. (ferris bueller dontcha know)

well, if there's anybody out here still lurking and waiting for me to post, YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE.

i'm over here at wordpress:

hope to see you soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i guess i'm gonna be in 2 places at once

since i can't get some things like "followers" and i totally need the reassurance that ppl like me and are reading me, i'm gonna just keep this blog active, so new peeps can still click on that wonderful follow me button. i will provide the links to my "new sites" on this blog and hope that you will all follow me over there.

nonnasnonsense @ wordpress and my hopefully beautiful to you, too, nonnasnapshots site

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i moved!!!


now i still have the girl with books over here on blogger since it isn't "mine" i don't know what to do with it.

also, i'm still figuring out archives and blogrolls and all that wonderful stuff. could really use some help on where i find the "edit layout" type things and "edit font, colors" or if i'm stuck with the colors of the theme select.

ready for wordpress help now Mr.Lady :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

super clean saturday

Yea!! I did it and all by myself too! I removed one of the shelves on the left, which let me hang the coats there and still have room underneath for our shoe box. notice I left hubby’s boots on TOP of the shoe box knowing that he will never put them in and out everyday buy hey, at least they are close to where they are supposed to be and out of sight. I have easy access to my toolbox and ahhemmm my roller blades should I ever convince myself they will do more good than damage should I dust them off and head to the roller rink.

on the top half of the closet we have a game section, a shelf where I can actually lay out my pool cues flat to prevent warping, a box containing various dog grooming items that I probably won’t use, but you just never know. oh, and there is a pump to pump up my airless mattress that went to mattress heaven. it had a little hole in it and so industrious me decided to patch it with the kit that CAME WITH IT. Well I patched it and it looked good so I aired it up. Then POOF! A big ass whole on the other side of where I patched it appeared. Seems like their glue works really good at soaking down through both sides! I digress, so the Wally-world bag is filled with winter necessities such as gloves, toboggans, and scarves. I need something prettier to store that crap in, but I have no idea what to use. What do y’all Yankees do with all that junk?

you should see the pile of crap hubby has to haul off to the dump! hey are you supposed to recycle vcr tapes? My stupid chamber of commerce can’t even tell me what to do with my LCD computer monitor that died! I feel bad about just hauling this stuff to the dump, but I am totally not letting it sit around here after all that work I spent cleaning the house up!

friday freaking gross fragments...i warned ya!

Brought to you by none other than Mrs. 4444


probably gonna be pretty short cuz i'm hungry and we are headed out to The Eagles's Club for some cheap hot wings. woohoo. yeah we're exciting :)


first off, who the heck and why the heck would somebody design a drain for a bathtub like this:

i think i must have been a man. who else wouldn't care to stand in ankle deep dirty water while taking a shower than a man. i mean come on. you have pretty much guaranteed that every flipping hair that goes down this drain will get caught and eventually clog the flow of water. leaving some poor woman to spend way too much time on her knees with a coathanger scooping out this disgusting mess:

and no, that's not hubby's toothbrush (but it should be) i put it there so you could have a reference of just how freaking much hair that is!!


after asking why my allergy shots have started hurting and itching again, which they haven't done for months now, i was informed that i had been moved up to "the red tops" which means......drum rolllll....that by August i will only have to be going to cookeville every other week!!! woohooo.


don't know why, but i have all of a sudden been "found" by tons of people from high school on face book. it's pretty neat to reconnect with them, but i find it funny that some of the people who treated me like total shit, are now "oh, i'm so glad i found you". yeah, right. either they are full of shit, have "found God", or going through a 12 step program and are starting their ammends. lol


i am really truly starting to turn into a REAL housewife. i don't know how this happened except maybe out of guilt from not working. i have made a sock-it-to-me cake last week, snickerdoodles and chocolate oatmeal cookies this week, and i think i even managed to cook a couple of meals allll while still continuing my cleaning saga.


that's all i can think of for now. see ya next time. same bat time. same bat channel