Friday, December 12, 2008

frosty friday (aka: do we ever grow up? aka: thoughtless thursday)

oops! i was waiting for midnight to get here so i could post friday's on friday, but i guess i forgot about thursday. thus the addition to the, getting to be rather long, title. oh well, i'll get over it. how about you? if not, you have worse issues than my title. or my memory for that matter :)

so we got the first actual accumulation of a very wet snow :) tonight.

the bad news...

1) no g-kid. the prisoner exchange* was early, so he can't come out 'n play in it with me :-(

2) it's supposed to be 40 degrees tomorrow & more than likely, i won't be up before it's all melted

3) it's nighttime now which means of course that it's dark...

and cold...

and wet...

and windy out...

4) that takes a lot of prep work to get ready to go play in the snow..and then there's the wet clothes to deal with afterward

so this is where the, ahem, 37 y/o (sshhh) adult (who me?) should kick in and say, "stay inside and stay warm"..right?? right?


the good news...

1) i even took some proof**:

and don't be laughing at my hat thingy***. it's what i store all my gloves in during the summer so it's stretched out and all marge simpson looking.

2) i was warm, so there :p~~~

3) if it doesn't melt before i drag my butt out of bed tomorrow, i'll try to rig up a video of me going down a hill, but don't hold your breathe...that's a big but(t).

4) so, i guess, at least in my case, "No, i don't think i'll ever grow up".

~~copying micro copying Ldan(old 1-I)~~

*hubby's name for the g-kid's parental unit swap

**see i'm fair. i will use my own horrible pic to get a laugh. i'm a slave, what can i say :)

***i just remembered, it's a toboggan

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  1. wM-yes, it was fun. but i was right. i didnt make it up in time to play in it today. so i guess its a good thing i took the time to play in it last night.

    sis-you are strange. i look like a big, non-matching, dork :) but i love that you love it/me

  2. Growing up is bad for your health. The prep work is worth the fun.

  3. Rock On! It's refreshing there are other "adults" like me! :)

  4. true and true heinous. it was def worth the trouble, and i didn't even get to slide down the real hill :)

    i've got an update, too. the g-kid did get to play in the snow..with him..but at least i'll get to see pics :)

  5. I love that you aren't growing up. It means I don't have to either. Love momma

  6. Wait a second, snow melts?!?! Before May?!

    Love you copying me copying him. In my field it is totally legit as long as you cite your sources...

  7. yes, down here in hickville it melts faster than a chippendale strips! hehe

    i always did suck at citing and "paraphrasing". i like plagiarism. it's much easier and quicker. ;)


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