Monday, December 8, 2008

morphed out monday

first, i'm actually gonna post something funny that happened to me recently. i just got my hair highlighted and trimmed the other day. hubby of course didn't notice until i pointed it out to him. a little while later we were standing outside freezing our butts off, smoking cigarettes, and he tells me i really like that color. you look like Lassie. in case you are wondering, this was actually supposed to be a compliment. i asked him (very indignantly) what the heck is that supposed to mean?!? bless his heart, he said, i just meant that it is multi-colored, you know like lassie's coat. i LIKE it, really. i just sighed and thought to myself, well, at least he tried.

ok, now for some morphing magical fun. this is a pic of my lil sis that i took several years ago named joker norene:

it's creepy, isn't it?


  1. I actually snorted while reading this. "you look like lassie"?? of course he would think this is a compliement.

  2. thanks! i blog to make the world snort. too bad you weren't drinking anything! a "spit take" is my favorite compliment :)

    p.s. - woohoo! i got a comment from carol. na na na na, boo boo :-p~~~~

  3. Oh my. She could shoot you for posting that. I hope she is a good sport.

  4. Wait 'til I post the pic of my poor sick and doped up Baby Sibling and then they can form a support group!

  5. ooo cant wait to see sis's pic. it is your sis that blogs right? is she your only sibling?


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