Friday, December 12, 2008

beat this one bad momma :)

just wanted to top bad momma on the low gas price pic :-)

see i told y'all i was competitive

oh, this is at the kroger's in cookeville, tn but you have to swipe your kroger card for this price. regularly 1.42 without card

...that still counts doesn't it??


  1. ack! i think i deleted your comment wM! sorry, but heck yeah i filled up. and it only cost me $24.00! halllleluja!

  2. Hell yeah that counts! WooHoo!

    My hubby just informed me that he paid about 1.20 smething after his Kroger discount. But that doesn't count cause there's no photo!

    You win!

  3. i win, i win...happy dance...oh wait, i can't dance....happy um, um, just happy i guess :)

  4. Oooh, that's awesome!

    I started following you a few days ago, I think. Wondered why you hadn't been posting because nothing showed up in my reader. Today... TEN posts show up at once. Crazy.

  5. I almost wish I had somewhere to go just so I could take advantage of the cheap gas! Someplace warm would be great right about now!

  6. thanks for reading me terri! i was wondering if i bored you that bad, that fast :)

    momo - i think i'd be heading north to play in some real snow


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