Sunday, December 14, 2008

sad sack sunday

well i had this great idea for a blog today.

then i had to go play darts.

then i got beat.

then my creativeness got beat.

i will have to regroup.

'sides, can't spoil you with a real post everday


  1. That must have been a trouncing ;)

  2. it was a very what am i doing in this division, we suck and need to move back to the lower division, kindof trouncing.

    27-5 and the most a team can get is 28 lol

    but hey! i did win my singles match 2-1

    against a guy.. hehe. i love beating men that think a girl playing is "cute"

  3. You can't? But I've come to expect it!

    LOL... that's ok... I get huge laughs just from the comments you leave!


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