Saturday, December 13, 2008

sunrise saturday

this was christmas morning last year. and no, i didn't get up early enough to catch a sunrise, but i did stay up late enough to see one :)

heck that is 'bout the only way i will ever see a sunrise, unless, there is something like horseback riding or playing in the snow for added incentive. then i might consider getting up that early.

more likely, i would be scheming to see how we could do the activity later in the day


  1. breathe takingly beautifull! :)

  2. thanks! i love taking pics!!

    next time you go snow-shoeing you better snap some pics! i can't wait to see what your area looks like

  3. That is a beautiful sunrise! And you stayed up LATE enough to see it? I'm not a night owl. I'd never have been able to stay awake. I'm a morning person. I'm more likely to wake up at the butt crack of dawn than to stay up much past midnight.

  4. no, no snow wM - i'm telling you it's gotta be global warming. my great-grandmother is still alive (101) and she says it used to snow feet, here in our town. now we are lucky if we get an inch or two and lucky if it lasts :(

    well terri you and wM can keep each other company, cuz i cant stay up all night as often as i could when i was a kid.

    maybe my hubby will start blogging (not) he gets up between 3 and 4 usually

  5. I say you are lucky it doesn't snow in feet and melts! And no one is allowed to bring up global warming given that we are in the midst of an ice age! Maybe if all of us just went back to using our old crappy appliances and driving old hummers we could stop the ice age and actually get the sweet awesomeness that would be global warming...

  6. i can understand your reluctance to snow given your condition, BUT have you ever thought what the hell, i'm cold already so i might as well just enjoy the snow? lol j/k


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