Saturday, December 20, 2008

slip-n-slide saturday, redneck style

this is one of the things we do in the summer time:

(sorry bout crappy quality-my choices were good vision-no sound
or bad vision w/sound)

he absolutely loved it! when i wasn't filming him, i would start beside him, then when he slowed down, i would grab his ankle and pull him on down with me. we all had a blast sliding down our little hill.

i eventually got a real slip-n-slide with the little pool at the end. after we got done sliding, i was reading the warning lable on the slip-n-slide. we managed to break every rule.
1. no one over 12 - smashed
2. no hills - how do they expect you to go fast like that??
3. no more than 1 person at a time - don't they know you can't do a train slide w/only 1 person??
4. no one over ___lbs - i don't remember the weight limit, but we i exceeded it quite a bit.

i'm sure there were more rules, but i don't remember them now. i do know why the age limit is there. do you remember how much fun it is to slide on those things?? well, it's not so much fun the next day when you're grown. jamie & i had bruises all up and down our bods.

i will have to seriously weigh the future pain against current fun and see which one wins out next time.


  1. Rules were meant to be broken! Especially where slip & slides are concerned.

  2. Nice! I hope I have your energy later in life :)

  3. I love me some slip n slide!

  4. The bruises do hurt - I went a few years ago and it was all bad....but hey - no pain no gain!

  5. terri - i agree 100% with that concept (drill sergeants didn't like me too much when i was in the army)

    nLsM - are you trying to say i'm old?? lol

    wM - probably not as fun as your block parties, but not bad for the boondocks

    kel - you must be under 25 still :)

    meg - you tough jock, you :)LOL

  6. we never took our out this year, maybe next year, not a lot of hills in South Jersey, oh for the razor cliffs of home...

  7. razor cliffs sound kinda scary :)


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