Thursday, January 22, 2009

wrong turn, wednesday

sis pointed out that i left out the best part of my story sunday night. everybody was settled down for the night, and i tried to get comfy on my makeshift bed. it was working BUT it had started to SNOWWWW. of course it's the middle of the night, nobody to play with, and damned cold! well, i guess i was feeling artsy so me, my camera, and my smokes headed out into the cold.

at first, i just went around the house taking pics of the halfway frozen LAKE-don't call it a pond around my mom-at least not to her face :) and the garden ornaments but then i got bored with that. the chocolate lab was following me around and i tried to get some shots of him, but with no light source other than my flash, every time i snapped a pic he was nowhere to be found.

i did manage to get these two shots before i gave up and went for reinforcements. it's so cool how his eyes can be one color in one shot and then a completely different color in the next shot!

i decided to go back inside and get a flashlight and my ipod. i knew tom would have one of those gazillion candlewatt flashlights because we have all bought him several over the years. voila! it was sitting right by the door, i clicked it on, and it worked. so off i go again. after I decided to take the newer path that leads to a little stream, i realized that i am not in proper foot atttire. yes, i am wearing my slipper/all occation shoes.

i headed out down this new, easy, path (in my head anywayS) that tom had shown us earlier. it led to a little stream and was pretty much a straight shot there and back.

i thought.

i got some great shots of some cool looking trees:

i guess while looking up and snapping away at trees and such is where i made my mistake, and that's where the story takes a wrong turn. the gazillion watt flashlight faded out to, ummm, mabye 2 watts and my brilliant plan of clearing the leaves away in several places so i could find my way back, backfired.

it's kinda hard to see where you're makers are when you can't even see the ground in the first place. i switched bewtween using the screen on my ipod and taking pics and then looking at the pics to see if i recognized and thing. nope. no good. well i knew i had to walk uphill, so i did, but i kept running into things like this:

which required so much back tracking i was getting pretty confused. so after meandering around awhile i eventually came out in an overgrown field which, while on our property, is totally not where i thought i would be returning to :)

the next morning before i had to leave i got to take these wonderful pics. of course, I didn't get to play in it because i had to leave before the roads got worse.

(L pic) this is moon (the ex-communicato bro's cat)

(R pic) broom at the ready to sweep off cars-thanks!

this is what it looked like when i got back home. notice the lack of snow on my side of the road and all the snow the on the in-laws' side of the road. they totally hogged all the snow! sheesh! a woman just can't get a break around here!!


  1. You have now beaten me out of the 'doing nutty things in the middle of the night award'. Nutcake!

  2. Lost...what kind of country girl are you? LOL, go to their house and ask if you can play!

  3. If you want I will try to ship you about half of our snow.....would 75 inches do? lol hopefully you get to play in it again take care....

  4. I bet it would be exciting to see snow if I lived in Tennessee too. Ohio? Not so much.

  5. Crazy girl, walking around in the woods in the middle of the night. In the COLD! Haven't you ever heard of the buddy system???

  6. ok, first of all i was NOT lost. i just didn't know quite exactly where i was in relation to the path. i was no where near being lost, yet.

    yes, i am a nutcake and will take that reward, thank you.

    maybe if you ship the snow in dry-ice it won't melt??

    i think it should be exciting in ohio too. where is your inner child momo?

    and besides, if i hadn't be i wouldn't have gotten those cool pics :)

    does a dumb chocolate lab count as a buddy?? i could've cuddled with his dumbness for warmth huh? and i DID have a working flashlight when i started out...

  7. Oh my goodness, i was literally L O L!!! That was such a great post! I loved the line..."and thats where the story takes a wrong turn" also the part when u said "well i knew i had to walk uphill, so i did, but i kept running into things like this:" then the pic...LOL!! Silly girl. All of those pics rocked! Guiness' eye being blue is awesome!! Oh, btw Harry is impressed that you have a following. hehe. Greetings from NYC!!!

  8. That pic of the dog with green glow eyes intrigues me. I was in the woods alone at night once, I left around sunset so I could watch the bats come out and fly around (I love bats), then I realized it was dark and was a bit apprehensive cuz we have coyotes and there are mountain lions in Iowa (not too many but I saw a suspicious footprint once). Thankfully for me and my somewhat poor navigational skillz the "path" I was on is a paved bike path so there was no missing it nor getting lost, just a jumpy person surrounded by deer that freaked out when I got near them. I never did THAT again!

  9. My friend distracted me, I forgot to discuss your dusting of snow. How in the world does one "play" in 1/4" of snow??? Why in the world would anyone WANT to play in snow?!? As long as you don't mind a messy apartment you are welcome to visit me and my frozen hell, though this weekend is supposed to get above freezing so some might melt =)!


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