Wednesday, January 28, 2009

weary wednesday

i've just been too busy cleaning, babysitting, reading blogs, and just too worn out from above activities, to do much of anything. please check out my new "photoblog" over at:

and also my s.daughter's that she is just beginning over at:

oh, and like running two blogs isn't enough, i'm contributing (don't really know what exactly that entails) to this blog:

sorry, that's all i have the energy for today...maybe i will be playing around with some pics on my photoblog later after the house calms down.

-peace out hommies, as the g-kid says


  1. Sure. Give me links to more great blogs that I won't be able to resist. Do you have any idea how hard it already is for me to keep up?

  2. bacy back are hell aren't they? :)

  3. Too tired to post, but doing more blogs! You are so silly! I can't even find time for one!

  4. it's been a hectic week here too, just now trying to catch up with some blog reading before work. I'll check out the links as soon as I send this message and then off to work i go hi, ho, hi, ho. Take care

  5. @ seashore - hell too tired post shoulda clued me in that i was too tired to comment either! did you see what i told terri? was supposed to say pay backs are hell and came out alll wrong!

    @ tony - thanks for taking the time to stop by when you are obviously busy tony. oh, and you gotta blog more. you're stories are hilarious. even had hubby laughing at the pretty girls do it too. :)


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