Sunday, January 4, 2009

seriously, i have nothing sunday

i have nothing, nada, niet. which means i resort to pulling out silly pics for yall to amuse yourself with. the 1st of which is a pic of my great-grandmother (who is now 101!) at her last trip to the fair to ride "the ponies" as she says:

she was 95 in this pic. can you believe that the stupid carnie (sorry if any of y'all actually are carnies) actually tried to tell us she couldn't ride the carousel because she was too old?!? obviously, i didn't let that stop us. i had quite a time trying to get her up in the saddle, but once there she had a blast.

and this pic is what my dear hubby looked like while we were riding the carousel:

i love, love, love this pic of him. from the purse to the flags coming out of his head, it's just flat out funny!

unfortunately, i have been sitting around doing nothing all day today, which makes it really hard to come up with stuff to blog about. i am planning to do a major clutter removal & dusting session this week, because:

1)i reallly need to and no-one else is gonna do it
2)i figure it will help my allergies to get rid of some of the dust that has accumulated since, oh, i don't even know when the last time i dusted was
3)we live in a tiny 1030 sq.ft. house and small houses and clutter just don't mix

i even went out to the shop and got a box of hubby's big, huge, heavy-duty garbage bags in preparation for this de-clutterizing event.

wish me luck! hopefully i won't just end up buried beneath my mountains of clutter and dust :)


  1. I love that your grandma rode the carousel at 95 years old. I love that you fought for her right to do it.

    My husband takes a different attitude about the occassional need for him to sometimes hold my purse. He does it with pride. LOTS of pride. He embarasses me when he so proudly displays "his" purse. Which is why he is so happy to hold my purse.

    Good luck with the de-cluttering. Come to my house when you're done please?

  2. Well of course you can't carry a purse on a carousel...this is a good husband.

  3. alright you two...does that really look like a purse a 30 something would carry? come on, i mighta married an old fart, but I'M not that old! lol that was my great-grandmother's purse. i think i'm offended. but i might still speak to y'all. maybe.

    and hell no, i'm not cleaning for anybody else! lol i HATE housework. i would rather mow the grass than dust any day.

  4. Good luck with your project - I know how much you love cleaning!

  5. What do you mean you've got nothing? That was awesome! Love the pics.

  6. I am loving the purse! hope they went with his shoes!

  7. Since you love mowing grass so much, come on down and do mine.

    I just gotta tell you how much I like that pic of Ricky and his purse.

  8. @ seashore - don't you wanna come up and help me?? i'll put it off until spring break so you can :)

    @ wM - i don't know, it seems like cheating when i just post a pic and talk about it.

    @ kel - well, i am sure he had on those black Reebok high tops (think 80's) with the velcro straps around the top. it's the only kind of shoes he will wear. i've tried to tell him they look like something a gay guy (with no taste) would wear, but he doesn't care.

    @ bry - you paying for my plane ticket? cuz i'll come mow your grass if that means i get to fly down and hang out for a week :)

  9. This post is so not cheating, posting pictures and the story that goes with them is a completely legit post, otherwise like half my posts don't count, lol. Cleaning, ick!

  10. These pictures are great! Your grandmother is precious!

  11. that picture is hysterical!! I loved living in a small house, it was so easy and quick to clean!!

  12. @ smart a$$ - well, yeah...if you actually cleaned it regularly it might be easy. it's when you don't clean but once every 4-5 months that it sucks!

  13. You should tag the picture of your husband as 'Patience'. ;) Great shots!

  14. @ goodfather - great call, you're right. my hubby is very patient to put up with me :)


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