Friday, January 23, 2009

freakin' friday already??

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ok, i have decided i don't like having a life. it seems like i've been running around like crazy since...i don't know. at least several days ago. hell, maybe even a week. what happened to my sitting and reading and blogging all day??

i haven't even looked at google reader today, because i don't want to know how many i haven't read yet.

i haven't even had time to prepare fragments, but maybe this will turn into a fragment post, seeing as how my brain is just all over the place.

i APPLIED for a JOB with the census bureau . don't ask me why, except that you can basically work whenever you want from what i understand, and that's about the only job i can swing now-a-days. pass the word on to anybody looking. it only lasts for 5-10 weeks or so, possibly longer, if you get a "clerk" type position, but the pay is pretty freakin' good!

i am baby sitting my lil sis's chiauhuas or however you spell that. i spent a couple hours this morning yelling "shut up" & "hush" trying to get them to quit whining for me. it didn't work. i think they speak spanish cuz they didn't listen to a word i said.

i had to race through my "any moron could pass test" for the census because i had to get to cookeville for my weekly allergy shots before they closed. i missed TWO questions. puuhlease! now, i'm gonna have to go back next friday, because i'm anal like that and i know i can get a 100% and that's just gonna tick me off if i don't.

OH! i asked my granny if i could borrow her scooter for the car shows that are gonna be starting up soon, so i don't have to cut hubby's fun short. she has now informed my mom that she doesn't want me to use it. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? she has never even sat her butt in the thing, can't find the battery and charger, but she doesn't want me, her favorite granddaughter to use it. It has got to be her dementia, or she is totally going on my shit list!

ok, so friday fragments looks like it's turning into friday i better shut up. hopefully i will be reading and commenting all day tomorrow and sunday.


  1. Oh goodness! Chiauhuas! I think I would kill them!

  2. hers are actually quite adorable and welbehaved for little ankle biters that are usually just yippy pests :)

  3. I cannot stand yipper, whiney dogs. You are a saint. Good thing they're cute.

    Time to empty the reader; just delete them all an move on; it only hurts for a second.

  4. but i mighta missed something important! or at least an opportunity to make a smart ass comment LOL. i am going to try to go thru as many as i can of the older ones tomorrow and then start with the newer ones sunday. if that doesn't meet in the middle then so be it...they will end up in cyber space junk yard :)

  5. Taking tests, especially when you haven't done so in a while, make me fell weird. LIke a part of my brain that I don't really use....the think quickly part of it...

  6. they are cute dogs, but they are too yippy!

  7. I'm 2-days late for Friday Fragments; where did the weekend go? Good luck with the census job! Should be good fodder for your blog!

  8. they really aren't yippy except gemma (the girl) whines when she is left alone. oh, and she had turned into a little bit of a guard dog when somebody comes up to the door, but i'm hoping to breaking her of that (yeah, right)

  9. Umm...found you over at FF and super impressed you knew how to link in your comment...How'd you DO that? :)

    And, nice to see someone else's FF's look like freakout's too. LOL. Mine are always just scrambled all over the place!

  10. rambler, i must confess, jessica at wayfaring wanderer told me the secret. here is the basic code, but you have to put an < at the beginning line of code and < before the /a and a > at the end. if i actually do all of that then it turns it into a link and you can't see the "guts" if that doesn't make sense just email me and i'll show you that way :)

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