Saturday, January 3, 2009

short and sweet saturday

ok, this time i really am gonna make this short and sweet. i have two library books i need to read before they are due, since my library borrowed them from another library. i just wanted to post this pic for yall to check out. i almost deleted it because it's waaay out of focus, but sis said she liked it, and it's grown on me.

that's it.

no really.

i'm done.

go away.

are you still here? get outta here. that's an order!


  1. too funny girl.... and the pic is kinda artsy!

  2. a lil fisty today lol :) enjoy reading your books. O' and now I am very jealous of you, Horse's! I have never even touched a horse, but want to go riding so bad! :D lol maybe we can work out a deal...I take you hiking, you take me horse back riding! :)

  3. I think I have been drinking and didn't realize it. Maybe I need to get new glasses!

  4. That's all? Are you sure? I think you might be joking. I'm going to wait here... Just in case.

  5. @ MTAE - you know i just realised the other day that MTAE was short for your name. lol i don't know what i thought it was all this time (i probably DIDN'T think, which would be the problem) but i sure was getting tired of referring to you by typing out your whole name :) um..i think if you're drinking and don't know it, it might be time to go to AA, or at least go visit a pro. drinker like weaselMomma and she'll be able to help you out.

    @ terri - if you hang out long enough i will probably post again today :) of course if you stay too long, i will have to start charging you rent. (hey i gotta make some money somehow!)

  6. @ momma - i think the cold you are dying from might be the cause of your headache. but if you really want to get a headache, try to figure out which of those blobs are norry :)

  7. I like the picture, it's quite nice with it's colors. Nice and soft. It goes well with the pink background of your blog too. :3

  8. I can't leave - I'm just getting connected :)

  9. @ uH - thanks! i am such a perfectionist when it comes to pics that i usually just delete them if they are even slightly blurry, but sis talked me into keeping it and i think she was right.

    @ de-I - ok, you have permission to hang out, check out my older posts, leave comments. lots and lots of comments.


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