Thursday, October 30, 2008

short and not so flippin' sweet :-(

2 words 4 ya.

pleurisy sucks!

ok it is now 5pm on thurs.
i've been hurting since mon @ noon.

2morrow is my anniversary.

i cant breathe w/out bein' in pain.
if i cant breathe, i cant, um, have fun on my anniversary :-(

it kindof sucks. but if i'm not miraculously cured by mid-day 2morrow i think we're gonna have 2 postpone.
send healthy vibes my way!
-disappointed nonna


  1. Consider them sent. Feel better soon.

  2. I really hope you are better and it is/was nothing serious!

    Oh and glad your mommy likes my comments =).

  3. OK my virus addled brain just noticed the pleurisy reference, according to google it totally sucks! I hope it went away in time for the anniversary!

  4. thanks for the good healing vibes peeps, it worked! i started feeling better friday afternoon, so we left saturday and stayed until my birthday, yesterday. i will post a blog with pics, etc..soon. thanks again for the get well wishes :)

  5. Okay. You are officially weird enough to be strong armed into this meme and award. Consider yourself tagged. Come get your award.


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